About Us

I grew up grinding cashews and peanuts in the food processor to make powerful breakfast smoothies. But the more I experimented with nuts and sweets, the more I feel in love with the flavor. And while my creativity bloomed and new recipes came to mind…so did the idea of Healthy Jars – made from only 1 ingredient.

A homemade product that intends to question supermarkets for misusing the benefits of nuts! Why do they relentlessly insist on adding sunflower oil, sugar, and many other ingredients that are not necessary and are also bad for our health. Why sell this kind of nut butter when dried fruits have their own natural oils and flavor that needs no messing around with? I am not sure…but I do know Healthy Jars only contain 1 ingredient. Be it cashews, almonds, or peanuts, we do not mess with perfection. So try it with us!